Facilitate an infinitely scalable decentralized metaverse

The future of the internet will transact in knowledge, so we provide the KNOW

We are a group of global visionaries who put their minds together at a time of need and opportunity to make the future of the internet (especially the metaverse) be guaranteed to provide access to all. Upon completion of this ecosystem, we will have helped facilitate an infinitely scalable decentralized metaverse, just like the foundational web services of Web 1.0 & 2.0 did before. The decentralized metaverse for humankind - supporting a myriad of experiences that haven’t even been imagined yet.

It’s the foundation to the metaverse, it's the KNOW Foundation.

Our Mission

KNOW Foundation is committed to creating the foundational decentralized platform in which protocol users can access and create a metaverse while instantly being rewarded for their contributions and participation. We bring the tools and technologies that will enable billions of individuals to interact with each other in ways that's as seamless as using the faucet, a turn key solution to what was once considered science fiction. We have made it our mission to explicitly take action in bolstering the foundational technologies for all who wish to shape the future in a high fidelity, scalable, secure, decentralized experience for themselves and others.

Our Values

Plant the seeds for the decentralized future of humanity to reap the rewards. We seek to build off of obtainable complex abstractions and ultimately make them simple and axiomatic. The centralized read-write internet exists and we are building a read-write-own internet from all aspects. We know we don’t have all the answers for the future which is why we encourage and empower our ever-growing community that will help add to the knowledge base we’ve already begun to create. Our values are inclusive of a philosophy that objectively defines rational values in order to bring validity to the scope and method of this ambitious, necessary purpose.

Our Values

We are ushering a new era of the internet, web3, through a series of cornerstone technologies and utilization of existing software, that harnessed together will create the open decentralized metaverse. KNOW Foundation aims to create the bedrock to all metaverses and enable the tools that will give everyone access to the emerging space. The KNOWnet will be a series of bridges and network layers that will provide the communications, security, scalability, decentralization, and economic system that will stand on these four pillars: WebRTC, State Server (Game Server), IPFS (File Server), and Dynamic Databases.

We are a community of passionate humans building a distributed-decentralized-secure blockchain network.

The KNOW Foundation team is put in place to help coordinate the standardization protocols, work, and support for those that will be executing, building, and using the KNOWnet. We inspire each other based on our ambition and transparency to be putting forward ground-breaking technologies that will move the needle for humans of today and tomorrow. If this project interests you and you want to help the team usher in the new era of the decentralized metaverse at KNOW Foundation, email with your CV and motivation letter.

Brian Washington
Agon Avdimetaj
Dorjan Berishaj